Business Consultation

Powered with knowledge – enablers with a grasp of both national and international markets, MPS has a unique approach that has, over the years helped clients achieve significant breakthroughs in their businesses. As industries look at contesting the surging competition from national, international & global players, it is more than evident that the cutting edge today has to come from inner line excellence. Excellence through 'Quality' is the practice of the moment. In an economy where 'Customer' preference rules the day, organizations need to develop systems that continually improvise and build robust processes equipped to deliver repeatable excellence. This is where MPS is different from others. The journey to Business Consultation excellence can be traced on a Multi Step ladder - from the first step of 'Feasibility Study' to the much exalted 'Planning and Out’.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Strategic Systems Planning
  • Technology Option Evaluation
  • Skill Evaluation and Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Collaboration and Team Building
  • User Training & Support
  • Planning and Out

The bottom-line is simple, for every organization, in its journey to excellence necessarily must move up this ladder. How long it spends at each level is a call that the organization takes, based on the interventions used.

Guaranteed service

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. No matter whether the customer elects to use services from one or more development centers, the assigned Neva Group project manager coordinates all tasks face-to-face with the customer contact. In other words, we provide project management services locally with development services provided from any of our development centers.

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